All natural, free-ranged turkey sold in season (Thanksgiving to Christmas). Order ahead to be certain we save one for your special meal! To reserve your turkey, click on the Order Forms, Turkey icon to the left or below, stop by the farm, or telephone us call 532-7058.

About Our Turkeys

   We raise Broad Breasted White Turkeys. The average size of the finished bird is twenty pounds, with small birds weighing fourteen pounds, and large birds, twenty-five to twenty-eight pounds.

All Natural

   Our turkeys are not given antibiotics or other chemical additives. From their arrival on our farm as poults, we feed them an all-natural ration to complement the grass and bugs they eat while scavenging outside. An additional herbal supplement is mixed with the water to help our turkeys maintain a healthy digestive tract.


   Unlike the turkey you get frozen at the market, our turkeys are truly fresh. You can pick-up your bird(s) within two days of slaughter.

When and How to Order Your Turkey

   If you would like to reserve a turkey, we recommend placing your order early, as we sell-out quickly. If you have a special preference for how your turkey is dressed, please let us know. We can work around your preferences. To place your turkey order, click on the Order Forms, Turkey link below or on the icon to the left, stop by the farm, or telephone us at 532-7058.

Order Forms
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