Our children help in all the facets of our poultry farm, from establishing day old chicks to mucking manure and assisting in the processing of birds. We are committed to providing our customers with quality chicken that we would feed our own family; all natural and locally raised.

What We Raise

   Every other week, year-round, we raise a new flock of chicks. Annually, we raise and process over two thousand chickens. Dressed and vacuum-packaged chicken is available whole or in parts, year-round (see Prices Page for prices).

All Natural

  Our chickens are not given hormones, antibiotics or other chemical additives. From their arrival as chicks to maturity, we feed them all natural rations. Additionally, we supplement their diet with an herb extract to maintain better health.

Fresh and Frozen

   Fresh chicken can be purchased, year-round, at our farm, by special order, or through a limited number of retailers we supply. We also provide fresh chicken wholesale to retailers, restaurants, institutions and schools in Northern and Central Maine.

   Frozen, vacuum packaged chicken is available throughout the year at our farm and at most of the retail locations in Maine.

How to Savor our Chicken

   To start relishing our delicious chicken, click on the Order Forms: Chicken link below, stop by the farm, telephone us at 532-7058 or stop by any one of the many retail locations that have come to appreciate quality, local chicken that cannot be beat!

Order Forms
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