Welcome blueberry fans!

Blueberry picking for the 2019 season will begin the first or second week of August. Check the Facebook page for details.


   In 2003, we initiated the arduous task of reclaiming fields that had grown in with shrubbery, small trees and lots of other weeds. In 2005, we planted our first three hundred fifty blueberry bushes, which were followed by thousands of more bushes each year over the next four years. We now have high-bush blueberries available for U-pick customers. Over the next several years, we plan to reclaim additional grown-in fields and plant more bushes to meet the high demand for these delicious, large berries you ask for!

All Natural

   Our blueberry bushes, and the berries on them, are never sprayed with chemicals. When you pick berries at our farm, you can feel safe eating them right off the bush. We are committed to giving you berries that are free from harmful residual chemicals.

When to Pick Blueberries

   Our blueberries are typically ready for picking from the third week of July through second week of August. This varies each year depending on the weather, of course. Visit the website to see the status of our berries and the opening date for U-Pick.

  We have a plentiful field of bushes for you to comfortably pick from. Each different variety is placed in separate rows, so you can consistently pick the berry variety you prefer. For your convenience and pleasure, the blueberry bush rows are separated by wide spaces of mowed grass – allowing for leisurely picking and resting.

   Bring a picnic, or even your walking shoes to take a hike around the farm, and enjoy the panoramic views of farm life for a day while eating scrumptious blueberries! We do offer several picnic tables, both shaded and in full/partial sun, for you to take advantage of.

Thank you for your support of our family farm!